Year End Party: Welcome to 2019 to accelerate and resonate

The last event of GHD in 2018 is the Year End Party which took place on the evening of January 26, 2019 in a colorful and fun atmosphere.
Year End Party 2018 was held at Dong Trong restaurant, in a spacious, sophisticated and luxurious space. The party was not only a simple meal but also contained many meaningful and interesting activities.
5 pm: The members are all crowded, with clothes and costumes

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3
Image 4
6 pm: Everyone focuses on taking photo memories, keeping for a nice 2018 year
Image 5

Image 6
6:30: The party officially started with the speech of the Board of Directors.
CEO Ma Tien Dung had a speed to open the party
6: 45: People join the party at the Year End Party
Image 7
7:30: The entries are performed by GHD teams in turn
Dancing by Team 1

Singing by Team 2

Singing by Team 3

Drama by Team 4
8:45: Everyone singing happy spring songs
10 pm: End of the party
Memorable photos in the Party
Beautiful girl

Beautiful girl

Cute baby
Year End Party 2018 ended in an exciting attitude for the New Year 2019 to try harder, speed up. There are still busy jobs, big projects need to be completed for customers, but with a spirit of 2019 willing to devote and do their best.
<Mai Ka - Marketing Team>