Teambuilding 2019 in Hai Hoa Beach

On July 19, GHD Company organized a vacation activity in Hai Hoa beach. The hidden beauty, charming and fascinating of the sea with the interesting challenges of the teambuilding on the beach have created a meaningfull summer vacation.
It is an annual activity of GHD with the purpose of creating rest time, boosting the mood for everyone after hard-working periods. Besides, it also aimed to strengthen the relationship between members and help each individual explore their strength through the teambuilding activities.
Teambuilding activities took place in the morning at Hai Hoa beach in good weather condition. This year, the Slogan is “Do your best - Play hard”; there are many fascinating games such as: Witty boot, Fill the water with water, Who is better than anyone, Connect the rope ... which extremely are exciting.
Some memorable photographs from Hai Hoa Tour in 2019

Image 1

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