Team-building 2018: Resonate to speed up

GHD’s team-building 2018, which was amazing and exciting pursude the topic is “Resonate to speed up” with all members of GHD Company.
The team-building was held in spacious, fresh and cool campus of Nang Song Hong restaurant in the weekend of December.
The first, the team-building was warmed up with the song "Nối vòng tay lớn" sung by GHD members holding hands together.
Sing Noi vong tay lon together
Hold the hands and sang "Nối Vòng Tay Lớn" together
After the opening remarks of the team-building program, exciting activities took place.
CEO Ma Tien Dung report
CEO Ma Tien Dung had a speed to open the team-building
For the purpose of fun and engaging GHD members, team-building sessions focused on the game: Dressing to each other, Filling the water bottle, Standing by one foot...
 Funny game " Stand up by one foot"
All members always love the activity
game fill the bottle
Game "Filling the water bottle"
Each team members were enjoying and willing to take part in activities. Although their smiles is always bright on faces even though tired. Besides, people take pictures together to preserve memorable memories. At the end of the team-building, they had a warm party there.
take a photo
All member GHD in 2018 
man ghd
All men of GHD
All beautiful women of GHD
The team-building was a hardship day but full of cheerfulness and meaning. 
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