​Happy 9-year-old GHDC birthday

It was officially the 9th anniversary of the establishment of GHD on 28th, June. The 9-year anniversary was held intimately and happily among the members of the company at Moc Vien Quan restaurant.
With a human life, the number 9 is not much, but for a company, it is a journey of continuous efforts. We always do try our best to accommodate customer’s needs in the best possible way.

Over 9 years, GHD has developed suitable steps and built its own foundation, affirming its position in the telecommunications and information technology industry.
After 9 years, GHD currently has developed the following key services:
  • VAS service: Improving the added value for customers in the field of telecommunications technology
  • Digital Marketing: Branding for businesses
  • ERP software and services: Innovative and effective solutions for businesses
The 9-year journey continues to be written by the people of GHD, which is a precursor to the milestone of 10 years, 20 years, and more peaks.
GHD collective image of 9-year-old birthday
Mai Ka - Marketing Department