WMS Service

GHD's WMS is Warranty Management system, specially designed to automate the process of warranty claims and reduce the time for handling customer complaints.

GHD's WMS software helps reduce business warranty costs to the minimum, automating warranty claims, and maximizing service revenue. GHD warranty and repair management software benefits all stakeholders, including Manufacturer, Supplier, Dealer and End User.


- Product management by Serial / Imei
- Look up, track the history of warranty, product repair
- Automating the process of warranty and repair
- Managing spare parts and equipment
- Accurately monitor repair time, repair stages, make an appointment to return the device to customers
- Building knowledge base - store of knowledge about product errors, how to fix products
- Supporting other forms of borrowing products during the process of receiving machines for warranty and repair


Building on the experience of analyzing and exploiting the warranty and repair processes of large production and distribution enterprises across the country and applying the best current technology platform, management system. warranty, repair WMS built by GHD has outstanding features, consistent with the actual business processes of businesses.

- Software easy to use, can be flexible in the actual model of each company
- Smart and clear control mechanism
- Allow customers to borrow products while waiting for warranty or repair; allow customers to deliver and receive machines at different delivery points, depending on their needs; Help increase customer satisfaction
- Automating the process of warranty, repair and strict management
- Detailed, professional reporting system, visual display, instant updates, can be customized according to specific requirements of each business

GHD WMS is specially designed to automate the process of warranty, repair and reduce the time to handle customer complaints. Using DMS software of GHD helps to save management costs, increase user experience, thereby increasing business efficiency, increasing business value.

Thank you so much for your interest in the WMS system, to learn more about the features and advantages of the system, please contact via email contact@ghdc.vn - Ms. Ngọc Anh