One-Office Software

GHD's ONE-OFFICE is designed to manage administrative documents, administration and storage.
The goal is to improve the text management processes of the units, automate the word processing processes, improve the efficiency in searching and searching data.


- Management of documents

- Executive management
- Manage utilities
- Schedule management
- System management


- Operate and manage remotely, anytime, anywhere via Mobile App
- Manage the assigned tasks in a clear and transparent manner
- Know enough information to start making accurate decisions
- Easily manage, search and search documents related to the job being processed
- Quickly grasp the work of leaders assigned
- Timely report of work
- Easily arrange personal work schedule


- Modern design interface, intuitive, easy to use
- Develop on Web, Android, iOS platforms
- Connect digital signatures, support mobile signing via SIM CA
- Function of decentralization by role, an account can have multiple titles, restricting account switching when part-time
- Managing large quantities of documents: millions of documents
- Accurate and fast OCR extraction feature
- Internal chat
Built on the latest technology platforms, the application of App Mobile construction technology, along with deployment experience for state-owned and large-scale private enterprises nationwide, management system text management and operational operations ONE-OFFICE built by GHD have outstanding features, consistent with the practical business processes of businesses.
Thank you so much for your interest in our ONE-OFFICE system, to learn more about the features and benefits of the system, please contact via email - Ms. Ngọc Anh