O2O Service

O2O is Online to Offline - a solution that combines online and offline models through the Mobile app, creating sales opportunities for agents / distributors, and serving customers with the most perfect service. . With O2O, anyone can become your Agent quickly, simply and effectively, helping to expand the market to the maximum with the lowest cost.
So how does the operation and benefits O2O bring to businesses, through this article, GHD would like to share about the O2O solution that GHD has built and applied to many distribution businesses across the country. water to clarify these issues.

Conventional sales model has many problems
For each common retail model, Online or Offline have problems that are difficult to solve. Actual stores require very high fixed rental costs and labor costs to run the stores. In particular, with limited store space, they can not provide many and diverse categories of goods. In contrast, the Online sales model makes the actual shopping experience of customers less, the shipping cost is high, and the possibility of product quality is not very high.

So the solution that GHD offers is to combine both sales models, Online and Offline.
O2O GHD solution
O2O GHD solution is not merely to bring customers to the offline store through online advertising solutions. O2O GHD is to bring the store to the customer's door.
How O2O GHD works: Creating a close link between Distributors - Agents - Customers.
When a customer makes a product request, an Agent that meets this need will through the O2O system, connect with the Customer, contact and directly deliver them to them. In addition, O2O also helps the Store connect with Distributors to check inventory, make orders and import goods easily.
  • Anyone can become your Agency easier than ever
  • Use community power to do business
  • Increasing sales opportunities, increasing shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction
Operation process
Figure 1. Order process
Step 1: Download the O2O-GHD mobile app
Step 2: Customers register for an account or create a direct order request
Step 3: The system selects the nearest Agent
Step 4: Receive goods and pay
Figure 2. The process of becoming an Agent
Step 1: Download the O2O-GHD mobile app
Step 2: Read and register to become an Agent through E-contract
Step 3: Login and Admin account information
Figure 3. Dealer sales process
Step 1: Agent log into the application
Step 2: Check the orders near you, click accept
Step 3: Contact, shipping orders to customers
Step 4: Delivery and receiving money
4. Basic features of O2O - GHD
Management agent
Inventory management
Money wallet management
Operational management
Other function
Select O2O GHD
Built on the latest technology platforms, the application of GPS technology, digital map technology, App Mobile construction technology, along with deployment experience for large-scale businesses across the country, O2O system built by GHD has outstanding features, consistent with the practical business processes of businesses.

Software gives reputation to the brand
- Branding more simply and effectively online via advertising, social media, data analysis, system integration and AI
- Easier and better market expansion
Create loyal customers and increase sales
- Building a database of customers including name, age, address, interests and shopping behavior
- Create a strategy to attract customers from reputable brands and increase loyal customers
- Increasing short-term and long-term revenue
Speed ​​up sales by reducing time to store
- Minimize the time it takes to sell a product from completion in the manufacturer to appearing in the actual store.
- Increase sales, increase profits for businesses, increase shopping experience for customers

Using GHD's O2O software saves management costs, works efficiently, thereby increasing business efficiency, increasing business value, is an opportunity to integrate the 4.0 technology that cannot be ignored in the era. new.
If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of the system, please contact via email contact@ghdc.vn - Ms. Ngọc Anh for a FREE consultation.