HRM Service

GHD HRM is designed to integrate the company's administrative processes and human resources into one system, from which managers can assign jobs, monitor and review. Accurate and timely price schedule and reward.
- Do not control the time and consciousness of employees
- Do not control the progress of employees' work
- Mistakes or differences occur when calculating employee salaries
- Difficult to associate employees in the company
- Recruitment process is complicated with many steps, archives are easy to lose
HRM GHD software thoroughly solves the aforementioned problems of an enterprise with effective and professional management modules.
GHD human resource management solution
Employee manager
- Centralized management and synchronization of personnel data online
- Company organization chart, decentralized management of employees
- Store and link full and comprehensive information about employees from recruitment to quitting
- Additional customization of information fields in employee profiles
- Report on labor structure and personnel fluctuations
Attendance Management
- Automatic time attendance, set schedules, flexible leave schedules
- Set up working schedule, approve working schedule, calculate working days
- Control overtime, overtime, approval online
Salary management, social insurance
- Automatically calculate salaries, allowances, bonuses ...
- Set up changing the formula for salary calculation, customizing payroll, payslips
- Manage the process of paying insurance premiums, calculating PIT by salary
- Automating the recruitment process of the business
- Update, refine candidate records, look up candidate records
- Create exams and recruitment criteria
- Set a flexible entrance examination frame
- Control cost and recruiting efficiency
- Automating the training process
- Update courses and organize training
- Evaluate the effectiveness and control training costs
KPI evaluation
- Set KPI for each object
- Flexible assessment period by month / quarter / year or scheduled by order
- Effective recruitment: Helps prepare recruitment notices, put up on various recruitment sites, select candidates for evaluation in accordance with criteria
- Assessing employee skills: Focusing on employee information, evaluating the working process throughout
- Comprehensive management of labor force: Focusing all HRM-related activities into a single system, assigning tasks, monitoring progress or rewarding from a single, effective solution on cost
- Enhancing cooperation: Increasing the connection among employees in the company
- Salary management: Ensuring accurate salary and benefit calculation, complying with insurance and tax regulations
HRM GHD solution
Built on the latest technology platforms, along with deployment experience for state-owned and large-scale private enterprises nationwide, HRM human resource management system built by GHD There are outstanding features, consistent with the actual business process of businesses.
Thank you so much for your interest in our HRM system, to learn more about the features and benefits of the system, please contact via email: - Ms . Ngọc Anh