FMS Service

Fleet Management System (FHD) is a software specifically designed to manage vehicles as well as operations during operation, thereby helping to manage vehicle and vehicle resources.
GHD's FMS software helps reduce operating costs of transport businesses to a minimum with vehicle management, vehicle allocation, quality and fuel management functions for vehicles. 


- Manage profile of vehicles from generation to liquidation, storage.
- Warning status of repair, maintenance, maintenance (critical or overdue repair, maintenance, maintenance)
- Management of material and fuel allocation activities of means
- Capture, track vehicle usage schedule by day, week, month and the next next use plan
Human Resource Management
- Manage driving list, qualifications
- Driving history, monitoring driving status
- Prepare and track the vehicle repair and maintenance schedule by year and month
- Declare and track, summarize vehicle schedule in detail over time and manage fuel consumption when operating.
- Optimize routes, minimize costs
Use management
- Prepare coupons related to the proposal of using, transferring vehicles and the process of repairing and maintaining vehicles.
- Management inspection / insurance as well as inventory and vehicle reduction notification
Expense management
- Define, statistic and track expenses for each vehicle
Inventory, report, alert


Easy vehicle management
Manage the usage process of all types of company vehicles, from the first contract with the company, to the rental contracts and vehicle-related services after being delivered to employees. Easily add media and keep track of the entire usage process.
Manage all information through the management system - fuel costs, maintenance costs and many other features needed for vehicle management
Keep track of cars
Set up the overall status of the vehicle exactly when handing over to the driver
Check vehicle status and speedometer between two transfers and record to track vehicle usage
The software helps to closely monitor each vehicle, understand where the vehicle is being used, at what time ... from which to plan the maneuver, allocation, use reasonably, avoid using husband. cross.

Expense management
Identify and track expenses for each vehicle. The regular contractual expenses will be automatically generated at the beginning of each period (day / week / month / year) depending on the frequency specified in the contract.
Repair and maintenance
The software supports periodic maintenance and repair of vehicles based on period of use and workload. The system automatically updates information to synthesize, analyze and give reminders, warnings about maintenance time and insurance period ...
With long experience in software deployment and the ability to change flexibly for large enterprises across the country, GHD is confident to provide the best and most suitable solutions for businesses in the transport sector. To find out more about the features and advantages of FMS, please contact via email - Ms. Ngọc Anh for advice and experience to try the system for FREE.