CRM Service

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a method that helps businesses access and communicate with customers systematically and effectively, managing customer information such as account information, needs, contact and other issues to better serve our customers.
Through CRM, customer information will be updated and stored in a database management system. Enterprises can handle customer problems quickly and effectively.
CRM provides a reliable system, helps manage customers and employees, improves relationships between employees and customers.
CRM user object
System administrator

- Create database, install CRM
- Set system configuration, set system parameters
- Set up groups and users
- Statistics on business situation
- Set up advertising campaigns
- View employee work reports and track the operational progress of each employee
- Enter the information of potential customers, organizations and contacts
- Planning daily tasks
- Create and track sales opportunities
- Email management
- Create customer quotes
- The order
CRM - GHD system has 3 main modules:
Customer Module
- Use department: Head of management group, head of department or above
- Define and manage information about Ticket, Q&A, Call Type, Message Model, Feelings when calling
Customer care module
- Use department: Counselor, support, customer service.
- The necessary information such as calls, orders, warranties, tickets, SMS, customer information for advice, direct support to customers.
- Use department: Head of management group, head of department or above
- Ticket summary report
- Call Summary
Why is CRM GHD
Built on the latest technology platforms, App Mobile construction technology, along with deployment experience for large-scale businesses across the country, the CRM system built by GHD has outstanding features. dominant, in line with the actual business process of enterprises.

Using GHD's CRM software saves management costs, works efficiently, increases customer interaction, increases customer loyalty and engagement. Thereby increasing business efficiency, increasing business value, is an opportunity to integrate 4.0 technology not to be missed in the new era.
Thank you so much for your interest in our CRM system, to learn more about the features and advantages of the system, please contact via email - Ms. Ngọc Anh