GHD Introduction

Established for nearly 10 years, GHD has created a proactive, creative working environment and provides the best value for customers.
GHD is acronym of letters Growth – Honesty – Difference, which express the spirit of rising up in career, always honest and sympathy to customers; different in how we work – all of them created the culture of GHD. We understand deeply that the company will survive, grow strongly if all employee instil the core values.

Our activities

We bring a complete set of solutions from the Software to the Marketing tools and plans for Business
Website Deployment
Provide ERP solution
Marketing Online
Software Outsourcing

Marketing Online

Group of marketing services with large scale, exclusively for Financial, Retail, E-commerce businesses ...

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ERP products are implemented and implemented by GHDC

Projects website

Includes business introduction websites, business e-commerce websites, websites that integrate other management tools
Our clients
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Internal News

Teambuilding 2019 in Hai Hoa Beach

On July 19, GHD company organized a vacation tour in Hai Hoa beach. Hidden beauty, charm, unspoiledness of the sea and interesting beach teambuilding challenges have created a complete summer travel.